Bill Cash joins fight against onshore wind

Local MP Bill Cash has joined with 105 other MPs from the four largest political parties represented in the House of Commons and written to the Prime Minister urging a reduction in the amount of subsidy given to onshore wind.The joint letter also asks for amendments to be made to the National Planning Policy Framework to help protect the rural landscape and heritage sites across the country.It also asks for the Planning Inspectorate to be told that these factors, as well as the views of local residents, to been given more weight in their decisions to counter-balance recent decisions which have given more weight to regional, national and European renewable energy targets.Cash said:“Not only is onshore wind production inefficient and intermittent, it also increases the price of energy bills to every home and business in my constituency.”“I want to see the amount of money available in subsidy for onshore wind reduced and this saving spread across other energy sources and spent on local energy efficiency measures.”“It is also important that the new planning regime the Government is introducing ensures that local peoples’ views are taken fully into account and that the system recognises the importance of the entire countryside and heritage assets we have.”