Bill Cash MP objects to siting 30 caravans for occupation by seasonal workers at Knightley ahead of Council Planning Committee

MP for Knightley and Gnosall, Bill Cash, has objected to the siting of 30 caravans for occupation by seasonal workers at Knightley ahead of a Stafford Borough Council Planning Committee.

Cash sent Stafford Borough Council his objection on 20 December last year and has written to the Chairman of the Planning Committee this week to provide his objection.

Cash said:

“I totally support my constituents and Norbury Parish Council in opposing this application because the scale of the development is too large for this rural area.

“The proposed site for the caravans is very remote and 30 caravans in this rural area will increase the population of Knightley by some two hundred per cent.

“The proposals are unsustainable given that the occupants of the caravans, possibly over 230, would not have access to public transport and it seems unlikely they are to have their own vehicles.

“If seasonal workers did, for example, choose to walk to the nearest shop, the route to Gnosall which is over three miles away would be along a narrow, unlit lane with no proper footpath, which is unacceptable.  

“I have previously objected that with so many seasonal workers, there would clearly be a need for recreational, infrastructure, sewerage facilities and common area yet there is no mention of this in the original application.”