Bill Cash visits Walton Hall Special School

Bill Cash has written to the Secretary of State and Staffordshire County Council about assistance beyond the age of 18 for young people receiving a support package.

 It follows a visit by Bill Cash (MP, Stone) and Jeremy Lefroy (MP, Stafford) to Walton Hall Special School on Friday 10th June. Today, Cash said: 

“There are concerns over what support and resources are available to my constituents and their families when they turn 18 and lose their current support package upon transferring to Adult services."

“The test for many parents is that the current support package will need to be matched in Adult services as in many cases the future needs will be increasing and will not disappear after their 18th birthday."

“More locally, in Staffordshire, when a pupil reaches 19 and can no longer stay, for example, at Walton Hall Special School, parents and teachers have concerns over what provisions there are available to meet specific needs.”

“I am taking up those important matters with the Secretary of State and Staffordshire County Council.”

MP for Stafford, Jeremy Lefroy, raised the issue today at Prime Ministers Questions, following the visit with Bill Cash to Walton Hall Special School. The Prime Minister agreed that they have "got to find the best answer for parents”.