Bill Cash warns of phone scams

Given a number of phone scams within Staffordshire, Stone MP, Bill Cash said:

“I would like my constituents to be aware of any calls from scammers who claim to be from 'technical support', asking them to log onto websites and especially if they are asking for money.

"Do not proceed in any way with these calls, do be aware of scams which are often reported in the regional or national press and please be vigilant that there are fraudulent callers. Put the phone down on them."

“We now also have the threat of courier fraud where scammers telephone the victim purporting to be someone from their bank, the police or other law enforcement agency. They then dupe the person into revealing their PIN and handing over their credit or debit card to a courier or taxi driver, who may not know they are being used as part of the scam.

“I would advise all my constituents to be vigilant. I do not want this happening to them and I find it absolutely disgraceful that such criminals seek to defraud their victims in this way.”