Westminster News

Bill Cash MP – Syria

Further to the House of Commons vote on Syria action on Thursday evening, MP for Stone, Bill Cash said:“I deliberately refused to support either the Coalition Government motion or that of the Opposition – and Parliament did so as well.“My first priority was to the country and my constituents. The Coalition Government did not have a credible policy and strategy. Nor was there the compelling evidence which we had been promised. 

The Prime Minister sets out his vision for Europe

In an historic speech, the Prime Minister has set out his plan to renegotiate the terms of Britain's EU membership and hold an in/out referendum on our continued membership in the next Parliament. A copy of his speech is attached. 

Bill Cash joins fight against onshore wind

Local MP Bill Cash has joined with 105 other MPs from the four largest political parties represented in the House of Commons and written to the Prime Minister urging a reduction in the amount of subsidy given to onshore wind.

Bill Cash fights for the future of Wedgwood

Bill Cash signed an Early Day Motion on the future of the Wedgwood Museum, calling on the Government "to take every possible action to ensure this world-class pottery and fine art collection remains on open display". 

Bill Cash joins the All Party Group on Arch Cru

Stone's MP, Bill Cash, has joined a brand new All Party Parliamentary Group on Arch Cru. Through his membership, Mr Cash is pressing the concerns of local people with ministers and other MPs. 

EU Referendum Debate

Following the Referendum Motion debated in the House of Commons on Monday, which Bill Cash MP voted for (but which lost by 111-483 votes), it may interest you to see Bill Cash’s speech last night on YouTube. You may also like to see Bill Cash’s recent ‘It’s the EU Stupid’ pamphlet.


Bill Cash raising local concerns about planning

A letter from Bill Cash, on behalf of a constituent, about the National Policy Planning Framework, has received a reply from Bob Neill MP, the minister for Communities and Local Government, assuring him that "the presumption in favour of sustainable development is not a loophole to allow any development".

'It's the EU, Stupid'

On Monday 5 September, Bill Cash published a pamphlet called “It’s the EU, Stupid”. This was launched at a European reform debate in Westminster Hall (Grand Committee Room) between leading Eurosceptics and Europhiles.