Daniel Dalton MEP appointed to emissions scandal inquiry

Daniel Dalton MEP appointed to emissions scandal inquiry

Strasbourg, 21st January – West Midlands MEP and Conservative Consumer Spokesman Daniel Dalton has been appointed to a new inquiry committee into emissions measurements in the automotive sector, following the scandal on falsified emissions levels that broke in September 2015.

US regulators found that Volkswagen had intentionally installed software in their vehicles to meet US emissions limits in laboratory tests, while emitting up to 40 times as much nitrogen oxide in real world driving. 

Upon his appointment to the European Parliament's inquiry committee, Mr Dalton commented:

“Consumers were the real victims of the emissions scandal, they were misled and mis-sold products and now they have to bear the inconvenience and potential costs of vehicle recalls."

"We also have to ask why it was the US authorities which uncovered this scandal involving European carmakers and not European authorities."

"My hope is that with this inquiry we can prevent this ever happening again."

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