HS2: MP for Stone, Bill Cash submits petition along with representatives of action groups against HS2 in Swynnerton, Whitmore and Madeley

Stone MP, Bill Cash spoke at Whitmore Village Hall on Wednesday evening about the presentation of the petition by himself, as the MP for the Stone constituency, and persons on behalf of the Swynnerton HS2 Action group, the Whitmore & Baldwins Gate HS2 Action group and the Madeley HS2 Action group.

The petition relates to the High Speed Rail (London – West Midlands) Bill which will contain the main legislative proposals for Phase One of HS2. The petition itself is a summary of objections to particular aspects of the Bill – it is a request to the House of Commons for the petitioners to be allowed to argue their case before the select committee on the HS2 Hybrid Bill. 

The petition, which has now been submitted to the Private Bill Office of the House of Commons, is now online and can be viewed at the following link:


Although the petitioning relates only to Phase 1 of HS2 Hybrid Bill, the petitioners as persons on behalf of action groups against HS2 in Swynnerton, in Whitmore and in Madeley, and Cash, as MP for the Stone constituency which is located in the vicinity of the proposed route of Phase 2 of HS2, made clear that they are directly affected as clauses 51 and 52 of the Bill give right of entry to properties within the Stone constituency and the principles and decisions reached in respect of Phase 1 will set standards for the Hybrid Bill for Phase 2, where it will be substantially more difficult to challenge such arrangements.

Section 8 of the petition specifically states: “Your petitioners draw attention of the Select Committee on the High Speed Rail (London - West Midlands) Bill, as nominated by the House of Commons on 29 April 2014, to the unusual and unprecedented nature of the manner in which the Bill which deals with Phase 1 will inevitably have a direct impact on the proposed, future Hybrid Bill forming Phase 2 from Birmingham to Manchester. It is universally understood that Phase 1 could not be brought into effect on its own account unless there was a Phase 2 also; it is also known from notices and the literature distributed by Government and HS2 Ltd. and the acquisition of land which has already taken place along the route of Phase 2, which is within, that stretch of the line between Stone, Swynnerton, Whitmore and Madeley, that Phase 2 is and will be injuriously affected by whatever is decided by the Select Committee, and by Parliament, on this Bill now before Parliament. …”

Furthermore, in the section on ‘compensation’, it states “Your Petitioners request that the Bill should be amended to ensure your Petitioners and other persons who are injuriously affected and adversely affected by loss of value should be entitled to claim compensation for the full amount of loss incurred due to HS2.”