Sir Bill Cash MP opposes Stone fire station proposals for removal of second fire engine and 7 posts

MP for Stone, Sir Bill Cash has written to the Chief Executive of Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service opposing the proposals to remove the second appliance at Stone station combined with reducing the number of operational staff at Stone, equating to 7 posts from the current level.

Cash has asked the service to set out why they will be recommending this proposal – he had opposed this option in the consultation and on an ongoing basis.

He has explained his view and of the local community in Stone prior to the decision meeting of 13th July, when the Fire Authority meeting takes place at Staffordshire Fire HQ.

He has explained that these proposals are being considered within the context of a brand new Stone Community fire station.

Cash said –

“The local community in Stone are totally against it and have collected nearly 2,000 signatures from the public in and around Stone who oppose and object strongly to the proposals.

“I am also informed the consultation uses historical data which has indeed seen the calls decrease over the years but this year the service are currently seeing an increase in calls of approximately 25%.

“I applaud our firefighters in Stone and it is clear to my constituents that the second fire engine provides an additional resource not only to Stone but the whole of the county – and Stone can give the cover that is required.

“In my constituency, Stone station firefighters have the capacity to give good appliance availability.”