Stone MP, Bill Cash hails Staffordshire County Council’s guide on Great War monuments

Stone MP, Bill Cash has hailed the new guide produced by Staffordshire County Council’s Archives Service helping local communities in and around Stone, Trentham, Cheadle, Eccleshall, Madeley, Ashley, Gnosall, Bradley and Salt discover more about their local WWI war memorials.

The free 92-page guide featuring 114 memorials from 72 locations across the County has been put together as part of the county’s plans to commemorate the 100-year anniversary of the start of the Great War.

The guide takes readers through the history of the county’s memorials leading up to the Great War, and those erected in honour of those who lost their lives.

Stone MP, Bill Cash said:

“It is crucial that we commemorate the 100th anniversary of the start of the Great War and honour the sheer scale of sacrifice which saw nearly one million Britons lose their lives.

“Staffordshire County Council’s Archives Service guide features many monuments and memorials that offer us reminders of the Great War and what our fellow Britons fought and died for.”

“People have fought and died and the only reason we live in the United Kingdom in peace and prosperity is because, in the second and first world wars, we stood up for that freedom and democracy.

“During the Second World War, my own father was killed on 13 July 1944 next to Hill 112, South West of Caen, in Normandy while fighting the SS Panzer and he earned the Military Cross on 10 July 1944 in the village of Maltot in his role as Captain with the 43rd Wessex Division.

“I will be visiting City Hall Fontaine Etoupefour next month as the Mayor of Fontaine Etoupefour is holding the inauguration of a monument dedicated to the memory of Captain Cash Paul and his comrades of the 43rd Wessex Division.”