Stone MP, Sir Bill Cash – on ‘misleading’ reports

Stone’s MP, Sir Bill Cash has rejected reports which highlighted comments about the closure of Stafford Hospital.

Sir Bill said:

“I reject these comments which have been made to my constituents over the past few days as they are completely misleading.

“Sadly, some have sought to weaponise the NHS and pointed to a KPMG report, which in any case predates major investment and is out of date.

“Stafford’s County Hospital has received an unprecedented amount of investment from the Government, which means an A&E doubled in size, a full refurbishment on top of an already expanded and refurbished endoscopy department and a new MRI scanner.

“The report that has been cited also does not mention the closure of Stafford Hospital or its privatisation in the way that some have described, but its downgrade and the sell-off of some land which frankly are views which I and my constituents and which the Member for Stafford has rightly and vociferously fought over the past three years and which have been defeated.

“Nobody doubts that Stafford hospital has been through difficult times, but it is thanks to the hard working staff and their determination that it is now one of the best performing hospitals in the region.

“I do not support the pushing of misleading statements or scaremongering on this matter and it does no justice for the public retaining their confidence in their local hospital. It is irresponsible, particularly when it creates uncertainty for patients intending to visit the hospital.”