Unemployment figures for Staffordshire - October 2015

The latest unemployment or JSA claimant count figures for October have been released and remain the same for Staffordshire as the previous month at 0.8%.

The claimant rate for Staffordshire has stayed the same as the previous month and remains at 0.8%, this is now the joint lowest rate ever recorded in the county, in terms of actual numbers this now replaces September 2015 for the lowest number of JSA claimants ever recorded (4,035), almost breaking the 4,000 mark for the first time. The claimant rate in Staffordshire is also lower than both the regional (1.9%) and national (1.5%) averages.

Such a small number of people claiming JSA across Staffordshire is good news for everyone in the county and means people are making the most of the opportunities on offer. The challenge still is to attract better paid skilled jobs, not just jobs for the sake of employment. Other areas still have that challenge.


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