UPDATE: Cash questions Network Rail over repairs on Mill Meece bridge on A519

In relation to Network Rail’s planned repair of the Mill Meece bridge on the A519, Stone MP Sir Bill Cash said –

“Network Rail’s planned works to repair the Mill Meece bridge on the A519 are due to begin today [Monday]. I had urged them last week to provide me with specific deadlines on the works on the bridge and when they expect them to be completed.

“The designs for the new kerbs and signage are currently being discussed with the Council. They hope to implement these new fittings after they have finished the wall.

“I understand Network Rail earlier apologised for the inconvenience caused to local residents and road users by the temporary road traffic management system in place at Mill Meece.

“I am informed they are a temporary measure only and serve to maintain the safety of road users until the bridge is fully repaired.

“Network Rail have apologised for the time it has taken time to fix the bridge. The reason for the delay was because they had to carefully consult with the local authority and relevant landowners on their plans.”